Nuclear terrorist General Vasiliev

General Vasiliev

I would like to tell you about one person: Major General Valeriy Vasiliev.

Vasiliev is the General of the Russian Chemical Weapons Forces. He turned the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant into a place, which combines a military base and a vacation center for military personnel with deviant behavior.

General Vasilyev is also a nuclear terrorist and a war criminal. He dispersed peaceful demonstrations of Enerhodar residents with a particular brutality. He also blackmailed the world about the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, in the style of “don’t let anyone get you”.

The occupants at Energodar, and namely at Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, are led by him. Major General Vasiliev is the head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of russian federation.

General information:

Valery Vasilyev

Date of birth: 21.01.1971

Passport: serial number 6515, number 162159,

Issued by: the Department of UFMS of russia in Sverdlovsk Region.

Place of issue: Kirovsky District, Yekaterinburg

Date of Issue: 29.01.2016.

Address of registration and residency: Sverdlovsk Region, Sverdlovsk, Yekaterinburg, Lenin Avenue 71.

Here it should be clarified, that by the recommendation of the counterintelligence agencies of russia, officers of high ranks do not indicate their actual place of residency for security purposes.

Therefore, if the mentioned person has not settled in the building of the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense of the Central Military District, then he must be located by the mentioned address, or he lives somewhere else.

His real address: Yekaterinburg, Soyuznaya 27-127. This is one of his real addresses. There are others, but they are for General Budanov’s subordinates. Someday this information will be useful.

So, what are we interested in the biography of nuclear terrorist Vasilyev? Let’s skip the boring lieutenant’s youth: garrisons, dormitories, student life, studying, military service. Let us go straight to Vasilyev’s exploits for the good of his homeland.

Vasiliev’s Family

Olga Alexandrovna Vasilieva, the spouse.

General information:

Vasilieva Olga Alexandrovna, Date of birth: 03.06.1977.

Registration and residency addresses: Sverdlovsk Region. Sverdlovsk, Yekaterinburg, Military Unit number 61423 — 620070, Yekaterinburg, Simferopolskaya Street, 24.

Passport number: 6515166011

Issued by: Department of the UFMS of Russia on Sverdlovsk Oblast, Chkalovsky R-Ne G. Yekaterinburg Date of issue: 02.02.2016.

Olga Alexandrovna also does not live at the place of her residency.

Vasiliev’s wife and a daughter

His daughter loves him very much.

Vasiliev’s wife at social media:

General Vasiliev’s Son

Vasiliev has a son. He is his eldest child from the first marriage. On the picture below he is with his little sister, Vasiliev’s younger daughter from the second marriage.

Here is Igor Vasiliev’s family

Igor Valerievich Vasiliev

 Date of Birth: 14.12.1992

Phone numbers:

+79178114006  telegram\ viber,

+79873699576 +79178114006  telegram

Vehicle plate number: T613SU64

SSN: 6452912255737

SNILS: 17750769309

Sofia Vasilieva (spouse)

Date of Birth: 24.07.1996

Passport number: 3616 285702

Phone:  +79873699576

Passport number:  4011 501518

Lev Igorevich Vasiliev (child, General Vasiliev’s grandson)

Date of Birth: 19.08.2018

Place of Residency: Saratov region, Volsk-18, Krasnoznamennaya Street 538, apt.39

Social networks:  nickname –  Igor Gromov

email: [email protected]

Vasiliev’s son is also in the military.

As you can see, his son likes to eat a lot, using huge glass jars.

– I think he is mentally sick, but that doesn’t stop him from being a russian military officer.

General Vasilyev found a good workplace for his son in a small town Volsk-18 (another name of the town is Shikhany). Here Vasilyev together with his son are busy with the following:


The military town of Shikhany-2 (population 4658 people), also known as Volsk-18, is not an administrative part of Shikhany District, but historically it belongs to this territory.

The distance between the towns is 2 km. To get to Volsk-18 (Shikhany-2), a special pass is required. Also a special pass is required for entering the brigade and the institute. The town has two and a half dozen modern houses located at Krasnoznamennaya Str.

Volsk-18 (Shikhany-2) includes:

-33rd Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of russian federation;

-the field of the 33rd Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the russian federation;

-9th Regiment of Sighting and Reconnaissance

-1st mobile brigade of russian Ministry of Defense

General Vasiliev tests the “Solntsepiok” System at the mentioned field.


The improved modification of the TOS-1 “Buratino” is the TOS-1A “Solntsepiok”, the smoke screen staging vehicles, and the RHM-6, based on the BTR-80 armored personnel carrier.

With the help of RHM it is possible to conduct radiational, chemical and biological reconnaissance, to access and evaluate the surrounding meteorological situation, to control the situation within the radius of up to 6 kilometers, and at the same time to stay at one and the same place.

This is the field of the 33rd Central Research Institute of the russian Ministry of Defense.

“Zvezda” (or “The Star”) is the code name of the field of the 33rd Central Research Institute.

Geolocation – 52.085632050578525, 47.09450767451763

And this image was geolocated at the Shykhanske training ground.

Now we can understand why none of the equipment in the russian army meets the ordered specifications? It’s a family contract, family business. Vasiliev the Junior makes the TOSs, and Vasiliev the Elder tests them. What do you think the reviews will be like for this product?

Of course, the reviews are positive. That’s why “Solntsepiok” seems to be able to go 10 kilometers, but in fact, they say, it can’t go 6 kilometers. And it has a handful of other drawbacks. But that’s just the way it is. The Vasylievs family needs money, prizes, and extraordinary titles.

General Vasilyev brought his passion for using the system “Buratino” at the territory of Ukraine. In 2022, he settled in Energodar, at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, and has hidden some of those “Buratino’s” not far from his home at Velyka Bilozirka.

Of course, under the supervision of a dozen FSB officers. They felt comfortable there. Until the Ukrainian Defense Forces struck there with American M142 HIMARS, and destroyed the heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 “Buratino” together with the FSB war criminals.

HIMARS turned out to be a great system: it changed “the game rules” on the battlefield. A great thanks to the U.S. for this military weapon.

General Vasiliev’s Heroic Deeds

The medals and awards are all over his chest. We understand that in the country where medals are given out for participation in parades and elections, these tin cans are a little devalued. So, I took a closer look. Uh-uh. There’s some serious hardware:

Like the Order of Courage. His wife Olga has already bragged about it on social media:

The Order of Courage. A real one. For what? Well, it depends on your cynicism. I would say that in 2016, the general sent a soldier wearing a gas mask to fill a pit with deer carcasses allegedly infected with anthrax with Chlorine.

The Media propaganda, of course, put it differently:

Yekaterinburg, February 22. /TASS/.

“The Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky, Commander of the Central Military District (CMD) troops, has awarded Valery Vasilyev, head of the district’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (RCDBZ) troops, with the Order of Courage, which he received for eliminating the consequences of the anthrax outbreak in Yamal in summer. This was reported in the press service of the Central Military District.”

It would seem he did his best. In the land of fakes, sometimes the right hand doesn’t know what kind of gag order the FSB has on it, and the left hand writes it. While the terrorist Vasiliev was bravely chasing anthrax through Siberia, he was pretty much disrupting the order at his military base.

General Vasiliev’s Military Base

The reviews about the things, which are going on at that base and even more cases about Vasiliev are posted here:

– As you can see, hazing and bullying young soldiers by old soldiers is the norm at the military unit led by General Vasiliev. Bullying often takes place on ethnic bases. And the General does nothing about these war crimes. Apparently, this is the norm for him.

Apparently, somewhere along the way, Vasiliev took the wrong turn. Started down the slippery slope of mutating from a soldier to a criminal and a terrorist.

General Vasiliev and a Heavy Flamethrower System

How about the fact that the general happily used the heavy flamethrower system “Solntsepiok”?

Of course, it’s a training exercise. What do they train for? – That’s right. To be able to use it.

And what about prohibited weapons?

Why do chemical defense troops need the heavy flamethrower system “Solntsepiok”? To fight radiation? Cholera? I wonder how? By burning out the inhabitants of plague barracks? So, the whole country is a plague of barracks.

With this weapon russia attacks and destroys peaceful cities of Ukraine

Dispersal of Protest Rallies in Energodar

General Vasilyev was particularly cruel to disperse protest rallies of civilians in Energodar at the very beginning, right after the russians invaded.

This is just another General Vasiliev’s war crime.

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant under the Control of General Vasiliev

More detailed information about big changes at the Zaporizhzhya Power Plant under Vasiliev’s leadership is described here:

The gym, the military equipment base, the bookstore, machine gun nests, and who knows what else is there. And all of that is placed now at Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, at one of the largest Nuclear Plants in Europe!

All these crimes are not noticed by the IAEA experts, who are constantly present at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant.

General Vasiliev participates in shelling peaceful cities of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant is located at the city of Energodar, Zaporizhzhya Region. The city of Nikopol is on the opposite bank of the river Dnieper, 5 km from Energodar.

The russian army constantly pounds Nikopol with artillery and “GRAD” multiple rocket launchers and terrorizes the civilians.

It is almost 2 years since these war criminals have been trying to cause panic among civilians.

Here is a video of the nighttime shelling of Nikopol with cluster and incendiary shells, prohibited by international conventions.

And here are the results of these shelling. This is one of the city hospitals in Nikopol, and the civilian houses.

And after the shelling, russian artillerymen hide their combat vehicles on the territory of the Nuclear Power Plant, knowing that the Ukrainian artillery won’t shoot there. And General Vasiliev helps them to hide their vehicles inside of the Nuclear Power Plant buildings.

This is one more of Vasiliev’s crimes against humanity. It’s hard to imagine what would happen if the shells and missiles explode inside the Nuclear Plant right next to the energy facilities.

A second Chornobyl? No, it would be much worse, because every reactor at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant is 3 times more powerful than Chornobyl.

This is just another General Vasiliev’s war crime


As you can see, General Vasiliev is a very dangerous person. He is a nuclear terrorist and a war criminal. But the world community does not even know about him. That’s why this article is being written.

We want the whole world to understand whom Ukraine is fighting with, and what kind of uncivilized country is russia. And this General is a vivid representative of his country.

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